Dr Luis Velázquez-Pérez, Centre for Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxias (CIRAH), Holguin, Cuba

Dr Luis Velázquez-Pérez

Professor Luis Velázquez-Pérez is a medical doctor and Head of the Centre for Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxias in Holguin, Cuba. He is a specialist in clinical neurophysiology and neurology as a second specialty and holds a PhD. He is an experienced researcher, a senior professor, and full academic of the Cuban Science Academy. He has been devoted to research of  hereditary ataxias  during the past 25 years and created one of Cuba’s biggest and most active research units. His most important research has included identification of the characterisitcs of the preclinical stages of SCA2; epidemiological studies in hereditary ataxias in Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela; study of modifier genes, predictive and prenatal testing, and clinical assessment of hereditary ataxias; and investigation of magnetic stimulation and neurorehabilitation treatment in patients with hereditary ataxias with sleep disorders and saccade eye movements. He has collaborated on several international projects with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, School of Medicine at UCLA; the neuroscience centre  of the Goethe University, Franfurt am Main; the department of neurology and Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research of the University of Tübingen; the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Insititute of Rehabilitation of Mexico; the Neuroscience Group of Antioquia, Colombia; and the National Genetic  Center, Venezuela. He has contributed to the academic development of 13 PhD students and 44 specilaists of neurology, neurophysiology, internal medicine, general medicine, computer science, biology, microbiology, clinical genetics, and psychology.  He has published four books and 170 articles, has  participated  in 251 international congresses, and was awarded the Georg Foster prize by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

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