Prof Sarah Tabrizi, University College London, London, UK

Prof Sarah Tabrizi

Sarah Tabrizi is a professor of clinical neurology at the UCL Institute of Neurology; an honorary consultant neurologist at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London; and Director of the UCL Huntington’s disease centre.  Her research focuses on understanding the basic cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, in particular Huntington’s disease, and finding effective disease-modifying therapies. She has identified a key role for the innate immune system in the pathogenesis of Huntington’s disease and leads two major, multidisciplinary research initiatives, TRACK-HD and Track-On HD, aimed at understanding the neurobiology of the neurodegenerative changes in gene carriers with premanifest and early stage disease, and is actively working on developing and testing disease-modifying therapies. Sarah is clinical global principal investigator for the first gene silencing study in Huntington’s disease. Sarah has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and serves on several executive and advisory panels including for the UK Huntington’s Disease Association, the European Huntington’s Disease Network and NINDS/NIH. She also co-founded the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Huntington’s disease in 2010.

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